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This page is updated on 2008-11-18 10:31
Christian Service News

Issue 57 (October 2007)

Chief Executive's Column

New Look and Unchanging Commitments

Chief Exectuive NG Shui Lai

Hong Kong Christian Service has just completed our re-banding process. Our logo has a more contemporarily look but uses the same elements of the old logo: a boat with a cross is sailing across the waves of the ocean. The cross represents the belief and spirit of our faith; the boat represents Hong Kong Christian Service; and the wavy ocean symbolizes a world full of problems.

We also have a new slogan "care for all excel in all" which we believe summarizes our commitment. Although we have a new look for our logo and a new slogan, it is important to be reminded on our commitment has not changed.

We affirm the dignity and uniqueness of the individual . Hence we engage not only in the provision of services, but also in stimulating initiative and participation among citizens, whose efforts will help gear towards a caring community.

We are convinced that a good society is a free, democratic and caring place. Hence we actively seek to work alongside people with the aim of influencing the formulation of public policies and monitoring their implementation.

We strive for excellence, vision and creativity in the provision of professional services that are not only effective but also humane.

We recognize the need for staff members who have a sense of mission and motivation, people with a capacity for reflection, loyalty and high ideals.

We value openness, flexibility to leanness in our modus operandi, aiming at the creation of a corporate culture that encourages participation, communication, personal involvement, a sense of responsibility and mutual respect for each other.

We invite your continuous partnership with us as we continue to serve with our new image.


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