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Christian Service News

Issue 56 (July 2007)

Chief Executive's Column

Why Fundraising?

Chief Exectuive NG Shui Lai

Our friends may be aware that we started active fundraising campaigns about 4 years ago.

When Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) first started in 1952, we mainly depended on donations from overseas churches and church-related organizations. Their generosity had been a major contribution to the development of social service in Hong Kong. It was also a witness of solidarity in the ecumenical movement. There were also individuals, mainly from overseas, who gave regularly to support our work. Local donations in the early years practically did not exist.

Starting from the 70s, the Hong Kong Government began to take up the responsibility to subvent social welfare service gradually. As the economy developed, local donations to social welfare increased. At the same time, overseas organizations had shifted their priority to more needy regions. As a result, overseas funding to HKCS decreased and eventually was reduced to an amount just enough to demonstrate solidarity from the worldwide Christian family.

Funding of HKCS then depended mainly on government subvention and grants from local foundations. Individual local donors were few.

According to our funding for service development, our services are grouped into 3 categories of which only the first group is services dependant on government subvention or grants from foundations. These are services that address the basic needs of people who are not able to pay or services addressed to issues related with the fundamental social good. The second group consists of services which are able to become self-financing from fees collected. The third group is services that need donations. This group usually has services related with emergency needs and projects to fill service gaps, etc.

Around the year 2000, there was a major change in the government's subvention mode. Foundations also shifted their support to fund individual projects. Organizations needed to find new ways to support their basic day-to-day operation.

In view of this situation, about 4 years ago, HKCS decided to raise funds on our own. We have started a number of fundraising events such as the Walkathon, Flag Day and Care for the Elderly Raffle Tickets. We have also developed a network of on-going supporters for our work. Now friends can give by using credit card, auto payment, PPS, direct transfer, cheque and of course, cash.

To us, fundraising is not just a money matter. Fundraising also opens a venue for your participation in our work. Through giving, you not only support us financially, but you also participate in setting our service agenda and monitoring our work. Please join us to serve our community together !


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