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Christian Service News

Issue 55 (April 2007)


Chief Executive's Column
A Cloud of Witnesses
Chief Exectuive NG Shui Lai

Recently a friend of mine told me that he was one of the students sponsored by our "College Student Work Project" back in the 70s. He mentioned that besides the financial assistance from the project, he benefited a lot from participating in the work of voluntary agencies. And it was only recently that he aware that the project was operated by Hong Kong Christian Service.

The chairman of a publicly listed company is supporting faithfully our youth employment projects. He did not forget the kindness of receiving milk and biscuits from mobile stations during his student years and wanted to do something to help others now that he is able to do so.

A young man whom our outreaching social worker got to know more than ten years ago just got married. Our social worker was deeply moved when he received the wedding invitation.?

A graduate from our Pui Oi School had outstanding achievement in sports and is now studying Social Work in the university.

A number of graduates from our Nursery School and Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre became our staff. Many others are working in social welfare agencies all over Hong Kong servicing our community.

A number of our former colleagues became agency heads of NGOs...and the list goes on.

In the past 55 years, we were surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.

This year is our 55th anniversary. We will not have the usual celebration activities such as reception, dinner or publishing souvenir books. Rather, we will try to make connection with our friends. Through this network, we together will witness our commitment to serve our community.

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