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Christian Service News

Issue 54 (January 2007)


Chief Executive's Column
Servant Leadership
Chief Exectuive NG Shui Lai

Recently "servant leadership" has become a popular topic here. A number of social service organisations have also picked this theme up and tried to implement in their organizations.

Indeed, it is most appropriate for social service organisations to carry out this theme especially for a Christian social service organisation. R.K. Greenleaf's proposal on servant leadership is deep-rooted in the Christian tradition. Many teachings of the Gospel addressed the theme of taking the role of a servant in order to lead. In fact, Jesus has set the best example. As a teacher he took the role of a servant to wash the feet of his students.

Popular view of leadership is quite different from what servant leadership is proposing. To become a servant first is the central theme of servant leadership. A leader is a servant serving the customer, the staff and the community.

Nowadays, all social service organisations talk about quality, efficiency, human resource management etc. All these are good and necessary, but they are just tools. It is time to reflect on the core value of a social service organisation. What kind of leadership should a social service organisation provide?

A true leader is not what he does or what he has but what he is.


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