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Christian Service News

Issue 50 (January 2006)

Chief Executive's Column

Looking forward to 2006

Opinion Feedback
箭號 The Meeting of WTO
箭號 $100,000 allocated for Promoting ‘The Healthy Use of the Internet’
箭號 ‘Media & ME’ Quarterly Newsletter for Primary School Students Publication sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
箭號 Work Together: Establishing a Respectful Environment for the Elderly in Our community
箭號 Two Awards from the 2005 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare
箭號 Tin Heng Community Networking Project Our Service Development in a New Community
箭號 Joint Venture with Interactive television (iTV Hong Kong) Public Forum on ‘Unity to Overcome Poverty’
箭號 Our Commitment to the Development of Social Welfare in Shanghai
箭號 Youths Heart for the Olympics
箭號 Acknowledgement

HKCS Management Committee

箭號 Hong Kong Christian Service News Readership Survey

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