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Christian Service News
Issue 48 (July 2005)
Chief Executive's Column
HKCS Needs Your Participation
Chief Exectuive
NG Shui Lai
photo in 514 Flag DayWhen Hong Kong Christian Service first started, our funding depended mainly on grants and donations from churches and Christian organizations outside Hong Kong. In the 70s, overseas funds started to decrease. Government subvention and local funds have been building up since.

At present about 60% of our income derives from government subvention and about 28% from dues and fees. The remaining 12% comes from local donations and other incomes (e.g. bank interest etc.). Local donations are mainly from the Community Chest, Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and other forms of donations. There are also a very small percentage of donations from individuals. Hong Kong Christian Service has not organized any fundraising activities until two years ago.

The funding scheme of social welfare service has changed. Government subvention is moving to a model based on bidding and time-limited project, hence the subvention is very restrictive and specifically defined. Foundations are also moving to support projects according to the priorities set by them.

As an NGO committed to respond to the ever-changing needs, we must generate the financial capability to do so. That is why we have decided to adopt a strategy to widen our funding base, which means to strengthen our fundraising programs. However, the meaning of fundraising is not limited to income increment. It also means opening up us to involve more people, to allow and invite the public to support our work and to participate. Donors are not only contributing money but also helping to set the agenda of our programs. They are one of the stakeholders that we are accountable to.

Fundraising is also an opportunity for us to introduce our service principles and work as well as strengthening team spirit among our staff members.

Hong Kong Christian Service needs your participation so that we could serve our community better.


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