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Christian Service News
Issue 48 (July 2005)
Chief Executive's Colomn

HKCS Needs Your Participation

Opinion Feedback
箭號 Support for Students with Special needs is required in Education Reform
箭號 Project Bridge for Children’s Development
箭號 Project Communications – Our Response to Community Needs
箭號 Caring School Award Scheme
箭號 Helping Less Favourable Children ‘ Fly to Dreams’
箭號 Project SAY-PRO – South Asian Youth Pre-employment Training Scheme
箭號 Service for Addicts on Internet Surfing
箭號 A Potpourri of Children’s Creativity – Rhapsody of Life
箭號 Employee Assistance Conference on Healthy Mind and Healthy Workplace
箭號 HKCS 5.14 Flag Day
箭號 3.20 Walkathon – Sunny, smiling, Fruitful

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