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Year 2009-2010

Web Care Award

Ever since our first participation in the Web Care Award organised by the Internet Professional Association in 2004, we have attained Gold Prize every year. This year, we stood out from over 200 websites that have achieved the web accessibility level to attain the Excellence Award on top of the Gold Prize. We feel greatly honoured to have been the only social service organisation granted the Excellence Award this year.

2009 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare

The Project iHeart is honoured to win one of the Top Ten Best Practice Awards, as well as the championship of the Synergy Award at the 2009 Best Practice Awards in Social Welfare from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service. It is a recognised service model in assisting those youths that are out of school and without any job, to be free from participation in and/or connection with criminal organisations.

Outstanding Social Worker Award

Our senior social worker in Yuen Long District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team, Mr FUNG Ngai Man, obtained the “Outstanding Social Worker Award” at the 19th Outstanding Social Worker Award 2009-2010 organised by Hong Kong Social Worker Association. He has served the youths at risk in Yuen Long District for nearly 20 years. His outstanding performance and dedication to his work was being appreciated.

Best Elderly Programme Award

The project of Cheung Fat Home for the Elderly “Elderly Volunteers Bring Sparkles into Community” has obtained the Best Elderly Programme Award of Tsuen Wan and Kwai Tsing District organised by the Social Welfare Department. The total devotion of the elderly volunteers is the key to the success of project. Through playing extremely difficult magic shows in front of the community, teaching the kindergarten students how to make their own unique “Senior Citizen Card” to single elderly; and teaching the elderly with dementia to do the physical exercise that strengthens their muscle and sensory, they have successfully brought care and love to the community.

Scholarship by the Hong Kong Institute of
Accredited Accounting Technicians

Mr LAM Tsan Lung, student of Diploma in Professional Accounting, Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre, was awarded a scholarship by the Hong Kong Institute of Accredited Accounting Technicians, through the school’s recommendation.

Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence

Our Central Nursery School won the Chief Executive's Award for Teaching Excellence (2008-2009) with its "Life Education"” teaching program. This award is the highest honour in the field of education in Hong Kong. The aim is to recognise those teachers whose teaching methods are worthy to be models, and to nurture the pursue of excellence among teachers. Among the many recipients in the past, our school is the second kindergarten to receive such high honour. Aside from being presented with the trophy by the Chief Executive himself, book coupons and a cash prize totaling HK$103,500 for ongoing development of education were also awarded.

The adjudicators praised the school and the teachers' ability to tailor-make lessons for their children according to their abilities and interests. Value-centred lessons were created based on a mode of learning which rotates around three areas - "man and self, man and others, man and society." Placing children as their primary focus, using teachers for guidance and having the family and society as foundation, they were able to develop a life education course based on love.

We feel truly honoured to be recognized and affirmed by both government and members of society.

Award for Teaching Excellence Award for Teaching Excellence Award for Teaching Excellence
Outstanding Teacher Award 2009

Ms LAI Suet Ying from Lei Cheng Uk Nursery School has won the “Outstanding Teacher Award 2009”, from Outstanding Teachers Election 2009 organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers.

Xu Bei Hong Arts Competition for
Young Adults and Children

NG Wai Ching, a student of our Tin Heng Nursery School, has joined the "Xu Bei Hong Arts Competition for Young Adults and Children." His art piece was selected to represent HKSAR and sent to the Renmin University of China Beijing to undertake the final accreditation.

East Asian Games
Dony and Ami Colouring Competition

CHAN Yik On, CHIU Ka Lam , LAI Cheuk Yan , LAI Sum Yuet and LAM Tsz Wai of our Tai Hang Tung Nursery School were awarded the champion, first runner-up, second runner-up and Merit Award respectively in the "East Asian Games Dony and Ami Colouring Competition".

Excellent Parent Award

Parent of our student of United Christian Medical Service Nursery School, LI Yuet Kwai, has won the Excellent Parent Award.

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