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Year 2008-09

HKCS Receives Award for
Arts Education Non-School Gold

Our Early Childhood Education Service's Arts and Civil Education Integration Project--"Civil Consciousness in the Show of Art" won the Award for Arts Education Non-School Gold, which was one of the categories of the 2008 Hong Kong Arts Development Award Scheme.

The Hong Kong Arts Development Award is a spectacular annual cultural and arts event and the Award for Arts Education gives recognition to schools and organizations that have outstanding achievement in promoting arts education. We are very honoured to be the only social service organization that has received such an award for the year 2008. Once again, our accomplishment in the area of early childhood arts education is being recognized and affirmed by both Government and various fields of the society.

"Arts and Civil Education Integration Project" Works Hard at Promoting Early Childhood Arts and Nurturing Civic Qualities

The "Arts and Civil Education Integration Project" is a large-scale education plan conducted by our Early Childhood Education Service. It targets young children, their teachers, the family and the society and has been implemented since 2006. Aside from providing young children with the regular workshops and art appreciation activities, the project also emphasizes on activities that relate to real life. For example, in the year 2007-2008, the children did topical studies on social issues such as the Kwun Tong Redevelopment Plan, the Shek Kip Mei Estate Dismantling Plan, the Mongkok Redevelopment Plan and the Beijing Olympics. They expressed their thoughts and feelings through various media such as paintings, photographs, three-dimensional creations, wood blocks and clay.

The adjudicators thought that the project was very encompassing when it comes to promoting early childhood arts education. It takes the students, teachers, parents and all sectors into consideration. It is bold in experimentation and creative in terms of ideas, and has contributed much effort towards early childhood education, an area that has not yet been fully developed.

The award presentation ceremony took place on 21 April at the Concert Hall of Hong Kong City Hall.

HKCS Receives Award for Arts Education Non-School Gold HKCS Receives Award for Arts Education Non-School Gold
Top Student Award

Student Tsui Wai Ho of our Kwun Tong Vocational Training Centre won Top Student award in Computerised Accounts Examination of HKIAAT.

Web Care Award 2007-2008

HKCS is one of the participant of the 'Web Care Award 2007-2008' and has successfully passed all the judging criteria of gold level of 'Easy Guide to Building No Barrier Web Sites'.

Web Care Award

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