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Service Purpose

Integrated Home Care Service Team is a kind of community support services which provide a wide range of care and services to the elders, the disabled, individuals and families with social needs. It actualizes the rationale of "ageing in place" and "continuum of care".

Service Objective

We help service users to achieve and maintain optimal level of functioning and independence, and to prevent premature and inappropriate admission to hospital and residential care.

Target Service User
  1. Aged 60 or above living in the community
  2. Disabled and illness persons
  3. Individuals and families with social need
Case Categories and Fee
  1. Ordinary Cases (Service users who suffer from no to mild level of impairment)
  2. Frail Cases (Elderly person assessed to be in the state of either moderate or severe level of impairment by the Standardized Case Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services)

Service charge is based on sliding scale with reference to individual or family income. It may be adjusted annually.

Scope of Services

Ordinary Cases:

  1. Provision of meals
  2. Simple nursing care
  3. Personal care
  4. Laundry
  5. General household or domestic duties
  6. Escort service
  7. Purchase and delivery of daily necessities
  8. Child minding
  9. Carer support
  10. Home and day respite
  11. Health / Safely assessment and reccommendation
  12. Rehabilitation exercise

Frail Cases:

  1. Care management
  2. Basic and special nursing care
  3. Rehabilitation exercises
  4. Out-of-hours emergency support
  5. Provision of meals
  6. Personal care and support
  7. Laundry
  8. Household cleaning
  9. Escort service
  10. Purchase and delivery of daily necessities
  11. Carer support
  12. Home and day respite
  13. Centre-based day care service
  14. Environment risk assessment and home modification

Besides the services mentioned above, we also arrange regular volunteer visits, social activities and make service referral so as to enlarge service users’ social network and enable them to have positive outlook of life in the community.


All age groups are eligible to apply the services. Applicant should be Hong Kong citizen and living in the community. Escort service can be provided for residents of residential units while they are on home leave. (Priority will be given to those individuals or families which are lack of social support.)

Application Procedure

Ordinary Case: Please contact our office by phone or in person during office hour. We also accept referral by social welfare or medical units.

Frail Case: We only accept those referred by Standardized Care Need Assessment Management Offices (Elderly Services).

Case Category Ordinary Case
(No to mid leavel of impairment)
Frail Case
(Assessed to be in the state of moderate or severe level of impairment by Standardised Care Need Assesment Mechanism for Elderly Service)
Procedure Referred by Social Welfare Department or Medical Unit Self-referred or Referred by others Reffered by Social Welfare Department or Medical units
Interview and Assesmemt
Interview and Assessment by Standardised Care Need Assessment Machanism Office, Social Welfare Departmentt
Eligible for service
Eligible for service
Our staff contact applicant for service arrangement
Our staff contact applicant for service arrangement


Our registered social workers/ nurses will conduct regular assessment and review and to adjust or terminate the services according to users’ needs. Service users have the right to request to terminate the services by themselves. Before termination, social workers have to ensure that the users’ needs have been fulfilled or assisted by alternative resources.

Service Boundary
Sham Shui Po Integrated Home Care Service Team
Frail Case:
Sham Shui Po District
Ordinary Case:
Shek Kip Mei Estate :
(Mei Yue House, Mei Ying House, Mei Leong House, Mei Sang House, Mei Shing House, Mei Wui House, Mei Yick House, Mei Yin House, Block 19 - 24, Block 42 – 44) (Included former Shek Kip Mei Estate Block 14 - 44 area)

Pak Tin Estate :
Pak Wan Street southern area, include Pak Tin Estate (Block 1-3 and Block 9-11, Shing Tin House, Cheong Tin House, Shui Tin House, On Tin House, Lai Tin House, Wan Tin House, Tai Tin House)

Tai Hang Sai Estate

Pak Tin and Tai Hang Sai Private Housing:
Nam Cheong Commercial Building, Tin Fung House, Pak Yuk House, Po Tin Building, Fook Tin Building, Kam Yuck Building, Ample Building

Other Private Housing:
Un Chau Street 86-298 (Even), Wai Wai Road (Even), Shunning Road 1-85(Odd), 2-98 (Even), Castle Peak Road 101-213 (Odd), 58-186(Even), Kiu Kiang Street157-163(Odd), 156-172(Even), Kowloon Road 1-9 (Odd), 2-18 (Even), Camp Street 147-173 (Odd), 124-148(Even), Kiu Yam Street 1-7 (Odd), 2-22 (Even), Po On Road 1-65 (Odd), 2-36 (Even), Pratas Street 167B-201(Odd), 158-190(Even), Tonkin Street 40-58(Even), Cronin Garden, Heya Green, Merlin Centre
Wan Hon Integrated Home Care Service Team
Frail Case:
Kwun Tong District
Ordinary Case:
Po Pui Court, Wo Lok Estate, Wan Hon Estate, Even number of Hong Ning Road, East of Hong Ning Road (including Wan Hon Street, Ka Lok Street, Sung Yan Street, Shui Wo Street, Shui Ning Street, Yuet Wah Street, Tin Heung Street, Hip Wo Street, Mut Wah Street, Fu Yan Street, Yue Mun Square)
Office Hour
Monday to Saturday (Public Holidays inclusive) :
8:30am – 6:00pm
Sunday and The 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd day of Lunar New Year:
Closed (Services available for service users with special need)
Contact & Enquiry
Sham Shui Po Integrated Home Care Service Team

Shek Kip Mei Office

Room 207-210, Block 24,Shek Kip Mei Estate,
Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong
2776 5712
2776 0028
E-mail :

Pak Tin Office

Unit 1, G/F, On Tin House, Pak Tin Estate, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong
3586 0036
2776 1129
E-mail :
Wan Hon Integrated Home Care Service Team
Ground Floor, Hon Pak House, Wan Hon Estate,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Tel No.:
3590 8856
Fax No.:
3590 8986
E-mail :
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