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Based on the principle of "Continuum of Care" and "Holistic Care", our residential care service aims at providing accommodation and proper care to the needy elders who have been identified in Central Waiting List for Subsidised Long Term Care Services by Social Welfare Department; to develop their potential and enhance their participation in the community; to build up a harmonious relationship with others, and enjoy group living.

Service Content
  • Medical and Nursing Service
    Professional nurses provide the regular basic medical and personal nursing care, including supervision of medication, daily health check, health counseling, health programs, medical follow up and infection control.
    Medical consultation service is provided by a registered medical practitioner from private sector and hospitals.
  • Personal Care
    photo Our trained nursing and rehabilitation service team provides personal care to residents in need, such as bathing, dressing, rehabilitative exercise, toilet training and grooming training, etc. We also provide laundry service. We provide meals including special diets based on the needs of elderly recommended by medical practitioners in order to achieve a balanced diet.
  • Rehabilitation Service
    Our physiotherapist and occupational therapist provide regular assessment; therapeutic exercise and treatment, on either a group or individual basis, to maintain or improve the physical and cognitive functioning of residents.
  • Psychosocial Support Service
    Our social workers provides individual counseling service and professional assessment to our residents for the purpose of enhancing their ability of problem solving and adapting living in the elderly home. We organize mass programmes such as birthday party, picnic, festival celebration, visits and talks regularly so as to meet the social and recreation needs of residents.
  • Spiritual Servicephoto
    Regular worship is organized by the Christian church in the community so as to provide pastoral care and support for residents, as well as to encourage their spiritual growth.
Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for admission to our residential service, an applicant must be matched to Long Term Care Service as the recommended service option according to the Standardized Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services (SCNAMES) by the Social Welfare Department. The applicant should be:

  1. aged 65 or above (persons aged between 60 and 64 may receive the service if there is a proven need);
  2. mentally suitable for communal living.
Fee Charging

Fees will be charged according to the guidelines set by the Social Welfare Department.

Application Procedure
Family Service Centres
Medical Social Work Units
District Elderly Community Centres
Standardised Care Need Assessment Management Offices arranges the interview and conducts the assessment
Qualified applicant
Central Waiting List for Long Term Care Service
(Subvented Residential Care Homes for the Elderly)
Allocation of service by the Social Welfare Department
Service Provider informs the applicants and arranges interview and friendly visit.
Arrangement of provision of service for suitable applicant
Service Withdrawal

Service users have to inform the Responsible Worker orally or in writing at least one month before the withdrawal.

Appreciations and Complaints

Appreciations and complaints are welcome through telephone, personal interviews or letters to the following persons:

  • Superintendent
  • Chief Supervisor (Long Term Care Service)
  • General Manager (Elderly Core Business)
  • Deputy Director
General Information of Home for the Elderly
Cheung Fat Home for the Elderly
  • Quota: 80
  • Address: G/F and 2/ F., Leung Fat House, Cheung Fat Estate, Tsing Yi, N.T., Hong Kong
  • Telephone: 2434 0143
  • Fax: 2434 7337
  • E-mail:
Shun Lee Home for the Elderly
  • Quota: 58
  • Address: 4/F., Lee Foo House, Shun Lee Estate, Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Telephone: 2342 0346
  • Fax: 2793 4238
  • Email:
Wah Hong Home for the Elderly
  • Quota: 40
  • Address: 2/F & 3/F., Wah Hong House, Wah Fu Estate, Aberdeen, Hong Kong
  • Telephone: 2551 0980
  • Fax: 2538 1737
  • Email:
Residential Respite Service for Elders

Residential respite service is a form of temporary or short-term residential care service for elders. It serves the objective of providing temporary relief for family members or relatives who are the main caregivers of elders requiring a certain degree of personal care whilst residing in the community. It aims at facilitating their roles as caregivers. The elders will continue to reside in the community and to be cared by the family members after the respite service.

Application Procedures

Applicant make a request for application via the Social Welfare Department, Non-governmental Organization, Integrated Family Service Centre, Medical Social Work Unit, District Elderly Community Centre, Neighbourhood Centre, Integrated Home Care Services, etc.

Fee Charging

Fees will be charged according to the guidelines set by the Social Welfare Department.

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