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Issue 017
2017 January

'Comm Out' - An exploration of new service support model for residents in public housing estate

Our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club will be re-located to On Tat Estate by the end of year 2017 to provide immediate support to residents of two public housing estates of Development at Anderson Road: On Tat Estate (flat in-take) and On Tai Estate (will be in mid-2017). We set up special community development and support teams to fill the service gap from now until when all residents move in.

In view of immediate needs of the residents while the office base has not yet set up, we had generated a new Community Outreach mode from the detached and outreach mode of our predecessors. In this new model, both our social workers and services are in mobile mode. They will station outside estate office, along the street, parks and the main path of the estate, to provide advice about school relocation, tutorials on the streets, to ensure that all residents know there is someone nearby ready to help. They are there from Monday to Sunday, from afternoon to night time. On top of that, they are able to draw corporate resources to organise outdoor activities for the residents on every weekend.

After half a year, this case combined of small groups, community and corporate collaboration exploratory model has seen its effects: formation of child gangs were prevented by intensive service delivery, material assistance to residents were provided, stress and tension arise from moving were resolved through immediate case counselling of our social workers.

This Comm-Out model is still in its moulding stage, the implementation time is still short, but the extent of its effect is strong and immediate. There will be more than 10 public housing estates built in the coming two years, we would like to advocate the government to allocate more resources as support service to the new public housing estates’ residents so that our fellow social workers could take the Comm-Out model a step further in providing timely support for the residents to live happily.

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