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Issue 014
2016 July

2015-16 Caring Company awards

In 2015/16, we have nominated 36 corporations and organisations to the Caring Company Award. Among them four were awarded Caring Company Logo/Caring Organisation Logo for 10 consecutive years! Our collaboration with Hysan Development Company Limited and Business School of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Limited received the Exploration for Hope - Outstanding Partnership Award (Certificate for Merit).

This project has been launched for many years during the summer vacation with about 300 participants who are ethnic minority youth. The theme of the project will vary according to the goal specified each year, nevertheless, the project aims at widening life experiences among ethnic minority youth, to equip them with ability and confidence for future life planning.

We are grateful to our partners and especially their support by joining hands with us to help the needy in the society.

FSE Holdings Limited Tai Yau Storage Group Limited Hysan Development Company Limited
CF Production Eduserve international Limited Vega Technology Limited
Wharf T&T Limited Alcoa International (Asia) Limited Fay's Beauty & Fitness Centre

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