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Issue 011
2016 January

Charity Lai-see Campaign 2016 marks
the beginning of Chinese New Year

Charity Lai-see Campaign leaflet

We are holding the 9th Charity Lai-see Campaign during the period from 18 January to 26 February 2016. We sincerely invite people who concerned to donate one lai see to support our service development in helping the deprived. Individual or group participation are most welcome to share the festive atmosphere.

A special Hui-chun was designed with various means of donation method printed at the back. They are free and you are welcome to download from our website. For details, please go to the link: www.hkcs.org/support/laisee, or by telephone: 2731 6369.

Let us support the needy by donating one lai-see while we enjoy this important traditional festival with our friends and relatives during this Chinese New Year.

Wish you all a prosperous year of the Monkey!

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