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Issue 009
2015 September

Making the best use of Community Care Service Voucher
Delightful Care regaining dignity for elders

Hong Kong's population ages rapidly but the quality of private homes for the aged is worrying, the queuing time for subsidised homes is too long. If elders can receive timely service by making use of the Community Care Service Voucher Scheme (Voucher Scheme) before their physical health deteriorates, the pressure for hostels can be relieved and elders can age in place.

Our Delightful Care is one of the Social Welfare Department (SWD) recognised service units to experiment Voucher Scheme. The Voucher Scheme is attached to our Shun Lee Home for the Aged. Day care service will be provided so that elders can still enjoy ageing in place, receive appropriate services while relieve pressure of their carers.

Delightful Care offers tailor-make service

Mr. Tong, an 83 years old service user of our Delightful Care, lives with his wife. Mr. Tong would come to the center three times a week for rehabilitation training and pain relief service. A team of professionals consisting of physical therapist, occupational therapist, nurses and social workers will assess Mr. Tong's progress and design a suitable rehabilitation plan.

A year ago, Mr. Tong’s son shopped around for service according to the list from SWD. When he first came to the centre, he showed signs of degeneration in some of his limbs and cannot fully stretch his back. Mr. Tong said, "I have been to hospitals and received treatment but their service were minimal, only once a week and needed to wait two to three hours for less than an hour's training so the effect was not significant. However in our centre, we can offer more comprehensive training which greatly speeded up Mr. Tong's recovery" . Now it has been a year and he is able to stretch his back fully, walk with a steady pace and can walk faster. His son joked that his father becomes bigger in size. Besides our centre provides transportation for Mr. Tong make it more convenient to come to our centre.

Voucher Scheme relieves carers’ pressure

Another service user of our centre, Madam Wong, aged 84, lives with her daughter's family. Her daughter always worries that her mom would get lost if being left on her own. When she knew about our service, she took her mother to our centre. Our professional team assessed her condition then provides dementia service to Madam Wong hoping to slow down the degeneration. Madam Wong's daughter said with the day care service provided by our centre, she can go to work without worrying about her mother getting lost.

In our centre, Mr. Tong and Madam Wong and other service users would have nutritious, fresh meals and afternoon tea together. Mr. Tong said "going to the centre has become meaningful." Staff of the centre would hold various activities for service users to enrich their social life and enjoyment.

Under the Voucher Scheme, every eligible elder would receive voucher equal to $6,250 with which they could buy day care or home care service. Service components can be mixed or single. Services provided to Mr. Tong and Madam Wong are single day care mode, such as pain relief service, rehabilitation and cognitive training to improve their self-care ability, and to delay their admission to elderly homes when they could age in place.

Are all elders entitled to this service? Well, this is just an experimental stage, elders with medium grade impairment, waiting for subsidised homes and living in Eastern District, Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin, Yau Tsim Mong, Kowloon City, Shamshuipo, Shatin, Taipo, Tsuen Wan or Tuen Mun might be invited by SWD to experiment this service. But we welcome holders of Voucher Scheme or their carers to contact us so that we could provide timely service to elders while queuing for homes in order that they could lead a dignified and fruitful life.

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