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Issue 009
2015 September

Good News to Novice Parents –
New launch of Healthy Seed Parenting Website

Novice parents are lacking in reliable information on raising babies, our Healthy Seed Parenting Website is target at these parents. The website is administered by our Infant Stimulation and Parenting Effectiveness Training Service. It provides accurate information and the right concept of child rearing for pregnant women and parents with children aged 0-6 such as: developmental checking, sharing of videos etc. It equips parents with more confidence in raising their children and building up a quality parenting relationship.

Information on the website covers a variety of areas like medical tips (for parents and children), learning and growing (different stage of children development as reference) discipline (ways and suggestions), child rearing encyclopedia (breastfeeding, sleeping habits, feeding skills, nutrition, recipes for infants, daily care, infant supplies, home safety, toilet training), parenting (reading, recommendations, play) and emotion of parents. The website consists of a team of professionals like pediatrics, speech therapists, occupational therapists, education psychologists, senior social workers.

The website was launched on the fourth quarter, we sincerely invite those novice parents to become members and we also would like to extend our invitation to your friends who have children that aged 0-6.



Use of drama to teach the concept of conservation among children

Apart from aesthetic development, our childhood education focuses also on developing children’s confidence, sense of responsibility, social skills and expresses themselves through production of a drama in their annual speech day.

The drama performance of the Joint School Speech Day cum Creative Drama Performance was a creation from scratch by the children. The story was based on a French fairy tale “The Apple Tree and the Boy”. Through in depth study and exploration, negotiation and exchange, a unique feeling for the city, trees, compassion and conservation was shaped. The drama was based on the fairy tale. It was about a tree being forced to move out and how the children together with the help of others protected the tree.

The Joint Speech Day cum Creative Drama Performance was held on 6 August 2015 in the Auditorium of Shatin Town Hall. Mrs. Lai Chan Chi Kuen, JP, Permanent Secretary of Education was the guest of honour. The performance of the children was acclaimed by the audiences.


Protection of assets – Android App Launched

Retirement is considered the second life. Protection of assets is an important part but often neglected when one retires. Our Elderly Core Business created this app for the retired and people who are about to retire. The app helps them to have information at hand about taking care of their assets before and after retirement.

It covers 4 sections:
  • Calculate what you will need for retirement, is it beyond your imagination?
  • How much have you prepared for an ideal retirement life?
  • Despite of your preparation, how would you choose in front of the unexpected?
  • Related information about retirement are provided to help yourself better prepare.

You are welcome to try this new app or introduce to someone who are about to retire in order to raise the awareness about retirement.

This app can only be used for Android version 4.0.3 or above. To download:
  1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.k.elderly
  2. Search "name" in Google Play Store or
  3. Scan the QR code below:


Story series "Home out of Home" –
depicts growth of Foster Care children

Our Foster Care service recently published a set of 4 books on children written by Ms. Ho How Sim, a renowned writer on children literature. The book is about stories of children staying in foster homes due to crisis in their own families, how these children face adversities in life; it is also about how foster homes, with love and care, help these children. It conveys the message of ‘home out of home’ and there is love and care that despite all the hardships, what is important for them is still there, good sweet memories of the past can become driving forces today to face difficulties courageously. This series of books costs $120 (a set of 4 books). Please visit http://www.hkcs.org/book/13621-9.html for more details or call 24926088 for enquiries.

Ms. Luk Yee Ping, Evin, Supervisor of Foster Care Service, Ms. Yeung Yin, our social worker and Miss Ho How Sim, the volunteer writer who helped us to publish this series of books was interviewed by RTHK Radio One on 27 July about how foster children grow up in the foster homes. Ms. Ho also shared her visits to foster homes, her sharing was rather stimulating, please visit the following website: http://programme.rthk.hk/channel/ radio/programme.php Part 2 (HKT 14:04-15:00)

The 2nd Conscientious Living – debate by our Happy Teens Club
Children learn dare to try and convince people with reasoning

In order to carry on our mission of advocating justice, our Happy Teens Club organised the 2nd Conscientious Living Activity. After two months’ training on debating skills, a group of students from Primary 4 to Primary 6 were to debate on these two topics: "Economic development is more important than environmental conservation for Hong Kong Today" and "Learning through drilling is more effective than through activities". Their performances were highly appreciated.

Apart from building up self-confidence of the children through this activity, we taught them how to express themselves by reasoning. Hurling abuses to one another is common in Hong Kong today, society being ripped apart, children therefore should learn to be tolerant and respectful towards one another, to uphold the core value of a conscientious life, to convince people with reasons, and to lay a foundation for them to voice themselves in future.


"Life . Live"
Exploration of more possibilities of life for Post-Secondary Students

Our community tends to judge a young person’s worthiness by his academic achievements, being single-social industry as Hong Kong today also narrow down their options, and as a result their choices of future life is limited. In order to broaden their horizon and experience, our North Point Happy Teens Club launched “Life.Live”, a programme to help our youth explore more opportunities in life through experiences.

This programme was funded by District Support Scheme for Children Youth Development of Social Welfare Department. In this programme, participants met people who have a different style of living, such as amateur street performers. They also had exchanges with people of non-mainstream careers like magicians, farmers. They visited maid café and experienced collecting leftover food. Through these kinds of exchanges, participants gained different perspectives about other kinds of lifestyle and values so that they can reflect on their own and how they want to live their life.


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