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Issue 004
2014 Nov

Collaboration with LensCrafters to improve
vision problem of the deprived

Maybe you have never come across such a case: a child with over 20/1000 in one eye but 20/20 in the other eye, the parent always think the child does not need glasses as she would think when he reaches puberty, the other eye’s vision would be back to normal. An 80 year old man found the prescription of his glasses not correct, the optometrist examined his eyes and gave him a pair of glasses with the correct prescription which turned to be the second pair of glasses for this old man!

In view of misconception about vision and wearing glasses or may neglect the important of eye check up of some of the deprived, our partner, LensCrafters visited our units in Kwun Tong districts providing free vision checking and refraction test to get new glasses, and at the same time, they deliver talk about common vision problems of elders, how vision would affect development of students and how to improve their vision and quality of life.

Our Kwun Tong Happy Teens Club, Shun Lee Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, BLISS District Elderly Centre were benefited in this activity.

Vision tests conducted by LensCrafters for 100 participants

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