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Issue 001 - May 2014

Give them a chance Commissioner on Sharing
A new identity, a new beginning

Blonde hair, smoking, tattoo, these are typical characteristics of marginal youth, though they might look wicked in appearance, and might also have an inglorious past, but in fact, they need to be understood and accepted so that they could lead a colourful life!

Most of our outreaching social service recipients are influenced by social environment, and do not know how to cope with challenges in life, hence are difficult to get into the mainstream.  One of our service recipients said, in a radio programme, that when he was young, he was given to the care of his uncle as his mother was weak physically, and his father passed away when he was in primary school.  Lacking in parental love, he became more dependent and looked for recognition among his peers, and gone astray eventually. He had been in and out of the boys’ home for 16 times. He had set fire, fought, sold illicit cigarettes, addicted to drugs etc, he had been struggling between marginal behaviour and drug rehabilitation, and finally willing to make a change as those beside him give him unflagging support, are willing to listen, and support him and offer him opportunities.

Change comes from self-love and being accepted

We started this Commissioner on Sharing scheme in order that these young people who are willing to make a change can re-integrate into school, the society, to start over again. We give them a new identity, to share with the public their personal growth, such as sharing their experiences of quitting school and drug taking, so that other people could get to know more about them. We have collaborated with parents and teachers to organise workshops such as cooking and other activities, so that they could understand one another through these activities. We also encourage young people to express themselves through different medias, like photography and writings. It is hoped that through this scheme, they can have a fresh start in school and work.

If there are any schools, corporations interested in listening to the sharing of our Commissioner on Sharing, please contact Mr Adrian Lam Siu Lun, team leader of our Yuen Long District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team for details at 2474 6592.

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