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Issue 001
2014 May

Pario Education Centre expands to Kwun Tong

Hong Kong Christian Service launched a parenting education scheme in 1988. It aims at providing precise, efficient and practical knowledge on nurturing children to the parents and child minders. The demand has been on the increase throughout all these years and the scheme was formally re-named as Pario in September 2012, it includes Pario Education Centres, Pario Arts and Pario Top (Pario originates from Latin meaning to create). The scope of service boundaries covers Tsimshatsui, Prince Edward, Causeway Bay and recently expand to Kwun Tong. The new centre in Kwun Tong starts operation in April this year, with a floor area of over 3,000 sq ft offering a variety of courses.

Emphasising holistic development of children and parenting education

Pario Education Centre (PEC) focuses on the holistic development of children, we offer services based on their unique developmental needs; while at the same time pay attention to educating the parents, to assist them to get to know themselves and learn different ways of parenting accordingly so that they would be better-equipped to teach their children and achieve a healthy and balanced growth of their children.

Innovative art education is one of the foci, we enhance the children’s potential in nurturing their development in art, the centre would organise interesting large-scale activities during special festivals of the year so that both parents and their children could participate. We organised “Art Tour in Taipei” twice in that art education, cultural sightseeing and parent-child factors were embedded. The responses were good. We have a team of professional staff who has more than 10 years’ experience in child education, and a series of new courses for infant-children is coming soon to suit the various needs of the parents.

In the forthcoming summer, Pario (Kwun Tong) would offer courses on physical fitness, eg. parent-child swimming class, children yoga, indoor tennis, rope skipping, children k-pop etc to build up the physique of children and their skills in sports, to build up their confidence, to enhance their problem-solving skills and skills as a team player, for course details, please refer to http://hkcschild.edu.hk/pec/

A wide spectrum of target
An extensive choice of services

Pario (Kwun Tong) does not only offer basic courses of PEC, there are Pario Arts and Pario Top which offer innovative art courses to interested children and adults.

We have a team of professionally trained staff in children art, we offer systematic, varied and continuous art courses/activities such as small group art courses, parent-child art courses and art workshops on festive events so that children can experience through interaction with different medias, masters in art and their works in order to inspire and stimulate their potentials in arts. The centre also offers art courses and self-help art rooms for adults.

There are tailor-made courses in design and photography in Pario Top. Our team of staff includes several experienced lecturers. There is a dark room in the new centre so that the students can learn about film development which is one of the unique features of the course and more professional than similar courses in the market.

Inspiring design of the centre
Unparalleled masterpieces

The design of the corridor and window frames of the centre were modeled after Piet Mondrian’s Composition A. Red, yellow and blue are integrated in the geometric structure in walls and window frames so that you feel the intense artistic atmosphere as soon as you step into the centre.

Composition A

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