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"Christian Service News" used to be our major media for corporate communication since it was first released in September 83, it has now been re-named “The Voice” in May 2014. "The Voice" does not only convey our service and mission, it also reflects the views of our stakeholders, and as a bridge, to promote mutual understanding among different concern groups to a concerted voice of our time, and to participate in the improvement of social policies towards a society that is fairer, more just, sustainable and balanced.

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PDF webpage Issue 355 (February - March 2014)
CS Comments: A Population Policy That is Desirable ?
CS Views: A People-centred Population Policy
Interactive Platform: Do you Think Hong Kong is A Place Suitable for Childbearing ?
Our Neighbours: Love your Neighbour
PDF webpage Issue 354 (December 2013 - January 2014)
CS Comments: What is Community-based Drug Testing All About?
CS Views: Can "Drug Testing" "Rescue" Drug Abusers?
Interactive Platform: Views of the Target Groups Towards "RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme"
Our Neighbours: Meaning of Volunteering
PDF webpage Issue 353 (October - November 2013)
CS Comments: "Deep-rootes Frustrations?" - The "Deep-rooted Needs" of Post-80s
CS Views: "Hong Kong: Our Home" Should Not Be Just An Empty Shell
Interactive Platform: Children Speech Training Smart Phone Application Fever
Our Neighbours: The Unsung Hero of Children Football Team - A Loving Father, Mr. Vincent Lam
PDF webpage Issue 352 (August - September 2013)
CS Comments: A Social Alarm You Should Not Neglect Youngsters Getting into High-risk Workplaces
CS Views: Caring Media Performs Social Responsiblity
Interactive Platform: Parents Worry About Children Losing from the Start
Our Neighbours: A Forever Young Elder, Lumina
PDF webpage Issue 351 (June - July 2013)
CS Comments: Building Positive Organisations Engaging the Heart of Employees
CS Views: Is Civil Disobedience A Just Cause?
Interactive Platform: New Technology New Service There is "Cure" for Elderly Cognitive Disorder
Our Neighbours: Unsung Hero of the Community
PDF webpage Issue 350 (April-May 2013)
CS Comments: Forgotten Values Abandoned
CS Views: Hong Kong Has the Highest Wealth Disparity in Asia Hope Government Change Existing Poverty Alleviation Philosophy
Interactive Platform: Give Space for Parent-Child Intimacy
Our Neighbours: Get to Know the Inner World of the Children Through Boundless Art
PDF webpage Issue 349 (February - March 2013)
CS Comments: Our Response to The 2013 Policy Address-Government Must Face Up to Society’s Plea for “Justice, Participation and Sustainability”
CS Views: A Different Kind of Subdivided Homes- “Subdivided” Welfare Premises
Interactive Platform: Break the Dilemma of Classroom Disruption by AD/HD Students
Our Neighbours: Young People Invented New Board Game to Enhance Family Communication
PDF webpage Issue 348 (December 2012 - January 2013)
CS Comments: Reflections on Low-Income Youth Phenomenon
CS Views: What Kind of Youth Work Do Our Young People Need?
Interactive Platform: Help Ethnic Minority Children Learn Chinese ASAP
Our Neighbours: What We Need Most Is Not Sympathy But Equality
PDF webpage Issue 347 (October - November 2012)
CS Comments: Community Care Service Voucher for the Elderly - "Money-Follows-the-User"
CS Views: Serious Shortage of Residential Child Care Services Government Must Make Plans
Interactive Platform: Service Application on Positive Psychology
Our Neighbours: Elderly Volunteer Tutor Taught English for over 7 Years Living An Abundant Life
PDF webpage Issue 346 (August - September 2012)
CS Comments: Let Ethnic Minority Students Have an Equal Footing on the Starting Line
CS Views: Good Expectation Management for New Senior Secondary Students
Interactive Platform: Exodus from New Senior Secondary Education
Our Neighbours: Let's March Over Life, Let's Sing When We're Tired
PDF webpage Issue 345 (June - July 2012)
CS Comments: The Predicatment of Early Childhood Education in Hong Kong
CS Views: Affordable Housing Bring Smiles to the Poor
Interactive Platform: How many More Decades Do We Need to Complete the Work of Elder Abuse Prevention?
Our Neighbours: Walking Together with Drug Service Users
PDF webpage Issue 344 (April-May 2012)
CS Comments: Government and Corporations Should Get Ready for the Retirement Tsunami of Baby Boomers in 2018!
CS Views: An Open Letter to Mr. Leung Chun Ying "Be a Benevolent, Brave and Wise Chief Executive"
Interactive Platform: "Online Outreach Social Worker" What does this term bring to mind?
Our Neighbours: Love Extends from Home Born Out of Love
webpage Issue 74 / January 2012
PDF Year 2012
marks the 60th Anniversary of Hong Kong Christian Service

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