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2016-2017 Annual Report has been published.
Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 020,Views: 'Reform Subvention System Revive Welfare Sector', Service: 'Neighbourhood Elderly Centre', Support: 'Recruitment: Angel of Hope, Children Volunteer and Donation Programme'.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 33 has been published.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 32 has been published.
iPad Drive: Used or Brand New
Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 019,Views: 'Protect Children at Risk Support Distressed Families', Advocacy: 'Concern for Children Welfare', Service: 'Project HERO- MSM Support Service, Support: 'Foster Home Recruitment'.
Centre for Harmony and Enhancement of Ethnic Minority Residents (CHEER) Join our "Information Day cum Celebration of Accomplishments" on 21 May more detail ..
Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 018,Views: 'Looking forward to a reform on early childhood education', Public Voice: 'Rethink Hong Kong early childhood education policy', Advocacy: 'Future pillars of our society is rooted in child education', Service: 'Love and care in foster homes, Support: 'Please support children art development fund'.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 31 has been published.
Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 017,Views: 'Pool together our efforts to achieve ageing-in-place', Advocacy: 'Say no to self-handicapping and labelling! I can do it!', Service: 'Comm Out' - An exploration of new service support model for residents in public housing estate, Support: 'Charity Lai-see Campaign 2017 marks the beginning of Chinese New Year'.
**Our online donation system will be temporarily suspended for regular system maintenance from 1:00a.m. to 7:00a.m. on 15 January 2017 (Sun). We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 30 has been published.

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