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Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) is one of the approved Project Operators by the Social Welfare Department (SWD) for the 2-year Pilot Scheme on On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services (OPRS). Through the support of the Lotteries Fund, two professional project teams, named Bridge – Integrated Education Project (BIEP), has been formed to render on-site transdisciplinary services to more than 30 participating kindergartens (KGs) and kindergarten-cum-child care centres (KG-cum-CCCs) and to provide timely intervention to 200 children who are on the waiting list for SWD-subvented pre-school rehabilitation services. Professional consultation to KGs/KG-cum-CCCs is constantly provided for promoting an inclusive learning environment in schools, which foster children’s development and integration into their schools and communities, regardless of the challenges posed by their special needs.

Highlights of BIEP
  • Utilizing holistic, systematic and curriculum-based approach for supporting children with special needs
  • Rendering early intervention and rehabilitation service via transdisciplinary professional team consisting of:
    • Educational Psychologists
    • Speech Therapists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Special Child Care Workers
    • Social Workers
Objectives of BIEP
  • Facilitate children’s cognitive, motor, language and social-emotional development
  • Enhance preschool teachers’ capacity, knowledge and skills to identify, teach and provide appropriate intervention to children with special needs
  • Equip parents and family members with the necessary knowledge and skills for nurturing their children’s development
Target Service Users
  1. Children attending the participating KGs or KG-cum-CCCs of BIEP project teams and who are on the waiting list for SWD-subvented pre-school rehabilitation services (i.e. EETC, Integrated Programme in KG-cum-CCCs and Special Child Care Centre);
  2. Teachers/ child care workers and parents/ carers of such children.
Scope of Service
  1. For children with special needs:
    • On-site individual/ group rehabilitation training/ therapy; AND
    • Training at centres equipped with rehabilitation facilities
  2. For teachers/ child care workers:
    • On-site professional consultation services and demonstration AND
    • Professional talks/ workshops/ seminars, etc.
  3. For Parents/ carers:
    • Talks/ workshops/ seminars AND
    • Consultation and review sessions for children's "Individual Training Plan"
Value-added Service
  • Resource Library Service for Training Materials
  • Inclusive Programs for Schools and Parents
  • Telephone Consultation
  • District-based supportive service
  • Programs of Chih Ai Parents Association, our mutual-support organization
Application for Service
  • Application for service of the project teams can be made via referrals by the participating KGs or KG-cum-CCCs
  • If the child is attending a KG or KG-cum-CCC participating in the Pilot Scheme, the parents/ carers may also submit application for service directly to the project team
Withdrawal/ Termination of Service
  • Parents/ carers process the rights to withdraw from service, which can be executed by giving one-month written notice to our project teams with the completion of related procedures
  • When the child withdraws from schooling in participating KG or KG-cum-CCC, written notice to our project teams should be given and the completion of related procedures is needed
  • The following factors will be taken into account for considering child’s continuation/ termination of service:
    • child's development, functioning and ability
    • parent's/ carer's compliance to training and service
    • school placement and arrangement of preschool service of child
  • Prior notice and interview with parents/ carers will be provided before initiating the termination of service
Opening Hours
Mon to Fri
9 am – 6 pm
9 am – 5 pm
Bridge-Integrated Education Project (Team 1)
Address: Unit 1 and 2, G/F, Wing D, Heng Chui House, Tin Heng Estate,Tin Shui Wai, N.T., Hong Kong
Tel: 2146 3633
Fax: 2146-3631
Bridge-Integrated Education Project (Team 2)
Address: 16/F, Congregation House, No. 119, Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: 5980-9119
Fax: 3758-2660

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