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Supported by Community Investment and Inclusion Fund


We are very concerned with the problem of socially withdrawn youth in society and have been providing one-stop services to them since 2004. As the socially withdrawn youth have been under long-term solitary and isolation, they have poor interpersonal skills and human relationship. Most of them have gradually disconnected with different social systems where some of them have even disconnected with their family members.

They have issues of "de-motivation" or "losing self-direction" which contribute to their functional deterioration. They do not have any social status, and experienced a variety form of social exclusion. They have been isolated for a very long time that if no service is rendered to them, they will remain in social seclusion.

In order to keep the social services to the socially withdrawn youth and with the support of the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund, "Social Withdrawn Youth Support Network" Project was launched in 2010. Through different kinds of group work interventions, the youth are expected to resume their social functioning and to rebuild their social capital.

Service Target

"Social withdrawn" youth aged below 30 who stay at home and disconnect with the society for more than three months.


The service carries three specific goals:

  1. To promote the family and peer support network for the youth in order to motivate them to link up with society.
  2. To provide one-stop tailor-made service (including skill training and developmental opportunities) for assisting the youth to engage in meaningful lives.
  3. To set up support networks and environment, including the business sector and individual volunteers, they could build up a new social capital to provide continuous care and support to the youth.
Service Period

From 11/10/2012 to 10/10/2014 (Two years)

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