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Support To Ethnic Minority Parents &
Students (STEPS) Project

Community Chest This project is supported by the Community Chest


Support To Ethnic Minority Parents & Students (STEPS) Project funded by the Community Chest of Hong Kong aims at enriching ethnic minority (EM) parents' and students' knowledge of higher level education and local job market. Through workshops, site visits to universities and business enterprises, growth groups, mentorship scheme, hotline consultation and referral services, the project intends to enable EM parents and students to make realistic judgments and decisions on the students’ study and career advancement plans.

Main Service Target
  • Ethnic minority students studying in primary 5,6 and in secondary schools
  • Ethnic minority parents
  • To enhance ethnic minority parents' knowledge and skills in helping their children's study and career advancement.
  • To enhance ethnic minority students' knowledge and skills on making their study and career plans.
  • To motivate and enable ethnic minority students to set life goals.
  • To provide guidance to ethnic minority parents and students in coping with problems related to the students' study and career advancement.
Major Services
  • Workshops for Parents and Students
  • Growth Groups for students
  • Mentorship Scheme for students
  • Visits to educational institutions and workplaces
  • Telephone Consultation for students and parents