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Community Chest This project is supported by the Community Chest

This project was terminated on 31st March 2010.


Introduction of SASA

Project South Asians Support Alliance (SASA) funded by the Community Chest is a special project aimed at engaging local South Asians in Hong Kong. The main focus of SASA is to facilitate social integration of the local South Asians through provision of essential support and organization of various kinds of trainings, groups and multi-cultural exchange programs.

Main Target of SASA
  1. All local South Asians
  2. All local Chinese who want to know and connect with local South Asian people
Objectives of SASA
  1. To offer essential support and equip South Asians with necessary living skills and knowledge for their better adjustment in Hong Kong
  2. To develop the capacity of South Asians for their sustainable growth as well as motivating them to contribute their strengths to the community
  3. To facilitate mutual support among people of the South Asian communities as well as with the local Chinese community
  4. To promote social inclusion between the South Asians and local Chinese people by enhancing mutual understanding and facilitating direct interaction
Services of SASA

When there're H.O.P.E.S., there's better F.U.T.U.R.E.!

SASA advocates everyone to demonstrate 5 Essential Elements in their lives so as to create better future for the society that we all belong. The 5 elements include:

Staff of SASA
H armony
to establish harmonious relationships with people of diverse cultural backgrounds
O ptimism
to uphold positive attitudes in knowing and respecting other cultures
P articipation
to give concern on the social issues
E mpowerment
to put enduring effort for self- development and enhancement
S ociety
to make contribution and give volunteer service to the society
Major services of SASA include:
SASA Office Hours
Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10am~1pm close open open open open close close
2pm~6pm close open open open open close close
7pm~10pm close close open open open close close

REMARK: Our service will be closed on public holidays.

+852 3188 3195
+852 2790 8955
2/F Lee Hong House, Shun Lee Estate, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Consultation Interpretation Hotline: 6172-6774