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Khush - Newsletter of South Asian Happy Teens Club
Issue 11 (Jul - Sep 2011)

Newsletter of South Asian Happy Teens Club

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SAHTC will be ended as 19 October 2011.

Introduction of SAHTC

South Asian Happy Teens Club (SAHTC) funded by the Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited is a specialized project aiming at engaging young local South Asians who live, study or work in New Territories West. SAHTC intends to offer holistic intervention and support for the nurturance of happy and healthy South Asian youngsters so that they can become contributive and socially integrated members of the society.

Main Service Target

Local South Asian youngsters aged 6 to 24 years old and their  families living, studying or working in New Territories West such as Yuen Long Town, Tin Shui Wai, Kam Tin and Tuen Mun.

Service Objectives
  1. To give guidance and support to young South Asians in dealing with their developmental problems
  2. To enhance young South Asians' resilience in resisting negative social influence.
  3. To enhance young South Asians' abilities in planning their future
  4. To facilitate young South Asians in developing their potentials
  5. To promote mutual understanding and support between young South Asians and the local Chinese people.
  6. To strengthen young South Asians' supportive networks with their families, schools and the community
Major Services
SAHTC wheel

We believe that all South Asian youngsters have potentials and strengths. Our services aim at achieving the following elements including: Support, Appreciation, Hope, Try and Connection.

Give guidance in dealing with developmental problems
  • SA Youth Hotline (6393 7869)
  • Counseling and Referral Services
  • After-school support programs
Enhance self-recognition and positive energy in resisting negative social influence
  • Programs in building up happy and healthy lifestyles
  • Programs in enhancing self-confidence and resilience
Promote optimistic aspiration towards good future
  • Career guidance programs
  • Programs in enhancing self-understanding and life planning skills
Enhance enthusiasm to take challenge and have active participation
  • Courses in developing interests and potentials in multidisciplinary aspects
  • Adventure-based activities
  • Programs on widening life exposures
Strengthen supportive network with different social systems
  • Mutual support and volunteer groups
  • Big brothers and big sisters scheme
  • Parent workshops
  • Cross-cultural programs
  • Social services information webpage
  1. Applicant should be local South Asian youngsters who aged 6 to 24 years old
  2. Membership is FREE OF CHARGE
  3. Membership is valid until 18th October 2011 and renewal for membership is necessary by the expiry day
  4. Members will receive latest program information and news of SAHTC
  5. Members can enjoy membership welfare in SAHTC, ISSA, SASA and our Integrated Children and Youth Service Units (Happy Teens Clubs) located at Kwun Tong, Shek Kip Mei, Cheung Sha Wan and North Point.

Just complete the application form and return to SAHTC by post or in person to enrol our membership!

*Exit to service: Members could exit our membership by giving verbal request for termination to our staff.

Office and Drop-in Hours
Time/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10am~1pm close open open close close open
2pm~6pm close open open open open open
7pm~10pm close close close open open close

Remark: Our service will be closed on public holidays.

Contact SAHTC
Flat C, 7/F, Tai Hung Fai (Yuen Long) Commercial Building,
Nos. 2-8, Yuen Long Tai Cheung Street, Yuen Long, N.T.,
Hong Kong
+852 2786 2227            
+852 2786 3772               
SA Youth Hotline (6393 7869)
  • Light Rail: 761P, 610, 615, 614 (Get off at Tai Tong Road Station)
  • Bus: 53, B1, 76K (Get off at Tung Lok Street & walk towards Kuk Ting Street.)
  • Mini-bus: 609, 77 (Get off at Tung Lok Street & walk towards Kuk Ting Street)
Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited

We are grateful to the Fu Tak Iam Foundation Limited
for their sponsorship of the South Asian Happy Teens Club.

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