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2007-05-23 10:59
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Project SASA ----- South Asians Support Alliance
(Funded by Community Investment and Inclusion Fund under the Health,
Welfare and Food Bureau)
The project had been ended on 15 February 2007.

History of Project SASA

Project SASA ----- South Asians Support Alliance has been launched in March 2004. The Project, sponsored by the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund of the Government, aims at engaging South Asians and their families in Sham Shui Po district and Kwun Tong district. The main focus of the Project is placed on enhancing social adjustment and building up the capacity of South Asians to achieve self-help and mutual help. Through the facilitation of the Project, mutual supportive network among South Asians as well as with local community can be developed. Hence, the social inclusion and capital of Hong Kong can be enhanced.

Vision and Mission of Project SASA

As a special Project in engaging the ethnic minority groups in Hong Kong, Project SASA lays great emphasis on mobilizing active participation of our service targets. It is believed that ethnic minority population can develop their potentials by acquiring necessary skills and knowledge. With increasing social competence, they are capable to take an active role in designing and organizing services to meet their own needs. Besides, they are also capable of initiating direct contacts with the local community as well as contributing their efforts to serve the society. As a result, South Asians can become more involved in the society and less relied on separate services. With regard to the above vision and mission, Project SASA aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • To enhance South Asian’s understanding and accessibility to community resources that facilitates their social adjustment in Hong Kong
  • To equip South Asians with the necessary living skills and knowledge that develops their capacity and potentials
  • To facilitate self-help and develop mutual support network among South Asian ethnic communities
  • To promote social inclusion between South Asians and local people by enhancing mutual understanding and facilitating direct interaction
When there're H.O.P.E.S., there's better future!

Time is running so fast that Project SASA has completed our 3-year journey of facilitating better social inclusion in the society.

For our teammates, the experiences gained in the past 3 years are one of the most precious moments in our lives that we will never forget. In fact, Project SASA was grown up by absorbing energies from your trust, participation and support! So, thanks very much for all of you!

“When there’re H.O.P.E.S., there’s better future!” is the slogan of our closing ceremony. With each letter of “HOPES” stands for 5 different elements.

“H” stands for “harmony” which signifies the harmonious relationships established in our team, groups, programs and partnership with other organizations. All of these valuable relationships reminded us that there is only one human race once we open ourselves to know, to concern and support each others.

“O” represents “optimism”which points out the importance of upholding an open and positive attitude in respecting and accepting diverse cultures. In the previous 3 years, hundreds of people had been opened up their mind in knowing each others cultures through our multicultural programs. Some of them even joined hands in promoting multicultural appreciation in the community such as the “ReMi.com”.

“P” comes from “participation”which means the significance of energetic participation to show concerns on essential social issues. Showing care to the tragedy of South Asian tsunami, voicing out opinions on the Race Discrimination Bill and the educational reform as well as cooperating in conducting a survey on understanding ethnic minority women’s situations all demonstrated members’ global vision. Apart from the household issues, there are lots more for us to concern outside our backyards.

“E” stands for “empowerment” which indicates the value of everlasting effort in self-development and better adjustment. In the previous years, many of our members had attended several of our classes and groups from which they had not only gained knowledge and skills, but developed self-confidence in facing problems and creating better future.

At last, “S” represents “society”which symbolizes the worth of serving others in the community. It was through contribution in volunteer works that our members helped in generating a more socially inclusive society which belongs to all.

We hope that more and more people conscious of and demonstrate the 5 elements in their daily lives, hence establishing prosperous future for all.



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