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Community Chest

This project is supported by The Hongkong Bank Foundation
through a donation to the Community Chest

Withdrawal…… is just a temporary state
like a page of a developing life story
  1. To engage 'socially withdrawn' adults proactively and provide home-based counseling services and skills training for them;
  2. To raise social concern on the social withdrawal phenomenon of adults and link up social resources;
  3. To rebuild the social network of the 'socially withdrawn' adults and assist them to 're-link' with the society.
Service Targets

'Socially withdrawn' adults aged 25-35, who stay at home and disconnect with all social systems for more than 6 months.

Service Boundary

Kowloon and New Territories (excluding Hong Kong Island and Off-shore Islands)

Project Period

2 years (start from September of 2008)

Service Scope
  1. Referral Hotline
    • Professionals, service targets and parents can call our hotline number 6762 7001 for assistance. Social worker will be on duty to provide consultation and case intake services.  The operation hours of our hotline are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2pm- 9pm (except public holiday)
  2. Home-based Services
    • Home-based assessment: Professional social workers will proactively establish trustful relationship with service targets by persistent home visits and formulate preliminary assessment;
    • Home-based counseling: Professional social workers will provide counseling service at the homes of the service users to minimize their resistance and threat of service users during the initial stage of intervention;
    • Home based skills training: Professional social workers will provide training to equip the service users with life skills and social skills in order to help them to reconnect with the society.
  3. "Reconnect On Your Mark"
    • Individual or group training to enhance the self understanding and job skills of the service users;
    • To provide short-term job attachment (last for 1~3 days) or job placement (10~ 14 days) with daily allowance;
    • Training subsidies up to HKD600 for the service users with financial difficulties.
  4. Learning Social Club
    • To cultivate a platform for the socially withdrawn adults to have a positive mutual learning experience
  5. Community Education
    • To provide training for professional and the public.
Service Charge

Free of charge (except some of the special activities)

Application for Services

Please call our hotline 6762 7001 for case referral or 31880661 for general enquiries.

 Procedure for Withdrawal

Service users can inform the Project Team for withdrawal from services verbally or in writing. 

Office Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00; 1400-1800 (Except Sunday and Public Holidays)

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