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Multicultural Education@Schools (MES) is a special project funded by Community Chest of Hong Kong. We encourage local students and teachers to have direct interaction with the ethnic minorities so as to understand their social situations and cultures as well as promoting sense of racial equality and harmony.

Main Service Target

Local Chinese students and teachers from primary, secondary schools, universities and tertiary institutions.

  1. Enhance participants' multicultural understanding and sensitivity
  2. Promote sense of respect to cultural diversity and racial harmony
  3. Motivate participants to take action to promote social harmony
Major Services
1. Multicultural Harmony Workshop


  • Cultivate participants’ positive attitude towards people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  • Facilitate them to learn how to relate with people from different cultures.

If we were ethnic minorities

Through role-play and sharing to learn and experience ethnic minorities’ daily life and challenges.
1-2 hours
No. of participants:
15-40 persons
Multicultural Harmony Workshop

Celebrating ethnic minority festivals

Through simulation activities to learn and experience ethnic minorities’ festivals.
2 hours
No. of participants:
15-40 persons
Multicultural Harmony Workshop

Ethnic minority flavor

Through cooking programme to experience ethnic minorities’ food cultures.
1.5-2.5 hours
No. of participants:
15-20 persons
Multicultural Harmony Workshop

Fee: $500 per workshop

Remarks: Organisations joining the above workshops can get one session of "Multicultural Site Visit" free-of-charge.

2. Multicultural Site Visits


  • Gain in-depth understanding on the real life situations of ethnic minorities through site visits.
  • Have face-to-face interaction with ethnic minorities in their gathering places.

Ethnic Minorities in Community

Visit to the gathering places of the ethnic minorities in the community (e.g. Shops, parks etc)
1-1.5 hours
No. of participants:
15-40 persons

Multi-religions in Community

Visit to the religious places of the ethnic minorities (eg. Islamic Mosque and Sikh Temple) so to understand the implications of religions on their daily lives.
1.5-2 hours
No. of participants:
15-40 persons
Multicultural Site VisitsMulticultural Site Visits

Fee: Site visits are only available to participants of [Multicultural Harmony Workshop] and are free-of-charge.


  1. The above-mentioned visiting time does not include the travelling time from school to the visiting venue;
  2. Participants have to arrange their own transportation to the venue;
  3. For visit to religious places, participants have to respect and comply with the dress codes and regulations of respective parties;
  4. Confirmation of visit may take time as booking in advance is required for some venues.
3. Multicultural Volunteer Experience


  • Show concern to people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds through planning and organizing volunteer programmes.

Planning Session(s)

  • Knowing the needs of ethnic minorities
  • Gaining basic skills to serve ethnic minorities
  • Planning suitable volunteer service(s) together according to needs of the ethnic (in your schools, in the neighbourhood or in other districts)

Service Session(s)

  • Implementing volunteer service(s) to ethnic minorities according to discussion in the Planning Session(s).

Multicultural Volunteer Experience
Multicultural Volunteer Experience
4. Multicultural Exhibition Booth


Know more about social, cultural and religious characteristics of the ethnic minorities through exhibitions at schools.
Multicultural Exhibition Booth
Multicultural Exhibition Booth
Game booths, exhibition boards, display of costumes and cultural materials of the ethnic minorities, and briefing by staff and ethnic minority ambassadors.
Minimum 40 minutes (can be conducted during lesson time or lunch time)
No. of participants:
40 persons
Multicultural Exhibition Booth
Multicultural Exhibition Booth
5. Cross Cultural Programme@School


Does your School admit both Chinese and ethnic minority students?
Are you planning to do something to cultivate cross-cultural harmony among students from different cultures?
Let’s co-work with our project!
We will work together with your teachers in planning and organizing cross-cultural programme(s) in your school.

A 3-Step Partnership Flow between your school and our project:

Step (1)
Meeting between our staff and responsible teachers to discuss:
  • Target groups
  • Objectives
  • Contents
  • Logistic issues
  • Division of labour between our project and your school
Joint effort among our project and responsible teachers to implement the planned programme(s)
Evaluation meetings between our staff and responsible teachers to:
  • Consolidate the partnership experiences.

Fee: Depend on actual programme needs

6. "Harmonious Campus" @ Teacher Sharing

Teachers routinely face increased racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in classroom today. As a result, there is growing need for teachers to:
  • Know about the characteristics of students from diverse backgrounds
  • Identify cultural diversity and its effect in classroom/school
  • Identify possible strategies to promote cross-cultural harmony in classroom/school

Let's join our "Harmonious Campus" Teacher Sharing!
  • Sharing on experiences and insights of implementing programmes in schools for promoting cross-cultural harmony
  • Briefing on the cultural and religious characteristics of ethnic minority students
45 minutes to 1.5 hours (depends on actual contents)
No of participants:
10 persons or above

Harmonious Campus @ Teacher Sharing Harmonious Campus @ Teacher Sharing
7. School Ambassador Group


Motivating students to join hands in creating a multi-culturally harmonious campus by forming ambassador groups in school
School Ambassador Group School Ambassador Group
  • Team building activities
  • Training on skills of relating with people from different ethnic origins
  • Training on basic programme organization skills
  • Planning and running programmes to promote racial harmony in school
4-6 sessions per group (around 1.5 hours per session)
No. of participants:
10-12 persons
8. Multicultural Ambassador Team


Give chance for ethnic minorities to introduce their own cultures to local people so to utilize their strengths in promoting racial harmony
Ethnic minorities aged 15 or above
  • learn basic programme organization and presentation skills
  • get opportunities to assist staff in running different kinds of multicultural education programmes upon completion of trainings
  • receive honorarium for assistance in running programmes
「Multicultural Ambassador --- Train-the-trainer Scheme」:
Experienced multicultural ambassadors, who have joined the team for more than 1 year and have completed more than 15 service hours, are welcomed to join this scheme and help our staff to train new ambassadors.

Multicultural Ambassador Team
Let’s join hands to promote racial harmony!
「Hug Diversity」
Racial Harmony Proposal Competition
Updated News
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Issue 12 (2013/03/28)
International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, to encourage students to show concern of the ethnic minorities.
Issue 11 (2013/03/15)
To enhance local students' towards the ethnic minority through the involvement by ethnic minority secondary school students as multicultural ambassasors
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