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This Projecjt is ended from 13 January 2010.

Children from families wherein one or both parents suffer from chronic illness are caught in a difficult and vulnerable position. Often times, they lack basic care due to physical or psychological infirmity of a parent whose illness renders them incapable of looking after their child. The lack of parental attention in turn leads to deprivation of emotional needs that are core to a child’s development and wellbeing. In response to this problem and the deficiency of support services available, Hong Kong Christian Services conceived Project Life MSN - Mutual Support Network to fill this void in a child’s life. The aim of the program is to intervene on the child’s behalf on three levels - community support network, individual development, and parent/child relationship – providing the overall framework to foster a nurturing environment.

  1. Establish a community support network to provide a proper foundation for disadvantaged children.
  2. Fulfill developmental needs lacking in the lives of disadvantaged children helping them to recognize and prevent crises.
  3. Improve and strengthen parent/child relationship.
Primary Service Recipients

Our main targets are children and youth under age 16 whose father or mother is suffering from chronic physical illness, or mental health impairment. Membership will be offered to the whole family after acceptance of the primary service recipient.

Service Boundary

Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, and Tin Shui Wai.

Duration of the Project

This is a two year project, from January 14, 2008 to January 13, 2010.

Program Contents
  1. Strengthening Community Support Network
    • Guardian Angels
    • Community Resources Enquiry Service
  2. Strengthening Individual Developmental Needs and Self Functioning
    • Problem Solving and Resiliency Ability Training
    • Social Connection Series
    • Volunteer Group
    • Emergency Planning
    • Life Planning and Counseling
  3. Strengthening Parent-Child Relationship
    • Know More, No More Secrets
    • Parent-Child Reconnection

Free of charge (except minimum charges in certain programs).


Referral through professionals in social service organizations, hospitals, or schools. Submit filled referral form through fax or email. {Download Referral Form (Chineses Only)}.

Contact Us
+852 2474 6611
+852 2475 5963
Unit 1-4, G/F, Ngan Ping Hse, Long Ping Est., Yuen Long, N.T.
Honorary Consultants
  • Ms FUNG Ka Ying, Tracy
  • Dr Steve TSO
  • Prof WONG Cheong Wing, Victor
Funded by Partnership Fund for the Disadventaged
Sponsored by Fastbase Enterprises Ltd
Sponsored by  Kowloon Engineering Limited<strong>                   

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