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Brief Introduction

Undoubtedly, youth face great challenge when they go through "school to society" transitional period. It may even generate aversive effects on their development if they fail to breakthrough from obstacles.

Recently, it is estimated there are thousands of non-engaged youth, who are unemployed or dropouts from schools. They are facing the problems of "socially withdrawn", "de-motivation" or "losing self-direction" which contribute to their functional deterioration.

LET'S Walk - Life Engagement Training Service was specially designed in 2004 for all non-engaged youth aged 14 to 24. In 2006 LET'S Walk II was launched in order to develop a more" advanced service model" and it was extended to 31 st July 2009. With the support form The Community Chest of Hong Kong, LET'S Walk will extend its service for another year starting from 1st August 2009.

Service Targets

It aims at providing a complete and effective intervention model to serve those socially withdrawn young people aged 14 to 24 living in Hong Kong(excluding Off-shore Islands).


The service carries three specific goals:

  1. To identify and reconnect "socially withdrawn" youth facing social exclusion and to motivate them to link up with society.
  2. To provide one-stop tailor-made service (including skill training and developmental opportunities) to assist the youth to engage in meaningful lives.
  3. To set up supportive networks and environment.
Service Contents

LET'S Walk offers differentiated and integrated services through nine core programs. All young persons in LET'S Walk will be appointed a personal advisor (registered social workers) to help them to identify their goals, to set directions and to support them when they make important decisions on their path and reconnect with the society for meaningful engagement. This service provides tailor-made , one-stop and diversify services and training according to the youth's different stages of "motivation" and specific needs. The nine core programs are:

Dynamic Hotline
A hotline service for family members, teachers of the non-engaged youth to phone in for enquiries, referrals and service consultation.
Home-based Counseling Service
Home-based counseling service will be delivered when registered social workers out-reach to the non-engaged youth, who lack motivation and direction, and are socially withdrawn staying at home for months. It aims at helping them to reconnect with the society.
Path Creation
It provides various activities and training courses to widen the exposure and identify areas of interest. It also equips clients with skills in targeting areas of development.
Go to Work
It provides on-job training service, to equip youngsters with essential skills required by the marketplace.
Life Planning Station
It helps youth to establish own career path during the "school to work" transition period.
Job Experiential World
A system that provides 2-3 day practical job placement for the youth to experience the reality of work places.
Parent Alliance
There will be programs to enhance mutual support among parents facing similar challenges.
Fans Club
To develop positive peer support network through activities including adventure, music, sports, arts and volunteering activities.
Youth Motivating Fund
To provides incentives and financial assistance to enhance goal-achieving motivations.

During the economy down-turn in Hong Kong, the young people leaving school unqualified and remaining unemployed have come into a very tight bind of personal development with many restrictions. The programs initiated under LET'S Walk would be positive solutions to the disadvantaged youngsters. It provides opportunities and exposures for them to reenter our society equipped with confidence and skills.

Service Charge

Most of the programs are free, except some activities.

How to apply for service

For case referrals please call our hot-line at 852-6575 9990, Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 14:00to 21:00

Except Public Holidays

Procedure for withdrawal

Service users can withdraw from the service by verbal or written notification to the social workers of the Project.

Office Hours
Monday to Saturday
10:00 – 13:00, 14:00 – 18:00 , 19:00 – 22:00(except Tue and Sat Evenings)
Except Public Holidays
Enquires and Contacts
Telephone No.:
+852 3188 5050
Fax No.:
+852 3188 5004
Unit 119-125, G/F., Lok Yiu House,
Lai Yiu Estate, Kwai Chung, N.T.
HKSAR, China.
Honorary Consultants
  • Mr Benard CHAN, JP
  • Mr. KWOK Ming Yee, Dicky
  • Prof LEUNG Seung Ming, Alvin
  • Prof TAM Man Kwan
  • Dr Steve Tso
  • Prof WONG Cheong Wing, Victor
  • Mr George Wong
Ambassador of Youth Advisor
  • Ms Kelly Chen

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