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2005-09-08 11:37
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LET'S Walk Life Enhancement Training Scheme

Currently, it is estimated that the number of youth aged between 15 and 19, who are neither employed nor in school, is around 100,000 (Commission on Youth, 2003). Services for those non-engaged youth deserve high priority as they have difficulties in getting into their right paths. The concern is that they may easily lose their motivation and confidence during such non-engaged period. LET'S Walk project, sponsored by Education and Manpower Bureau, bauhaus and Fast Base Enterprise is designed for all non-engaged youth aged 14 to 21. The program starts in October and aims to tackle non-engaged issues by providing practical skills and motivation to change among youth. It caters to the needs of young people with low educational attainment. The program carries four specific goals: logo

  1. To identify non-engaged youth facing social exclusion, to help motivate change and reconnect them with society.
  2. To rebuild self-confidence through equipping non-engaged youth with skills and experiences, and to provide opportunities for a smooth transition to meaningful engagement.
  3. To help curb the escalation of adverse circumstances among those who quit school or unemployed.
  4. To build an integrated and supportive network and environment.

LET'S Walk includes nine core programs offering differentiated and integrated services to young people. It delivers according to the needs and motivations of young people. All young people in LET'S Walk will have a personal advisor (registered social workers) to help them identify their goals and set directions; they will also be available to support them when they make important life choices. The nine core programs are:

  • Dynamic Hotline - It welcomes all family members, teachers of the non-engaged youth to phone in for suitable services.
  • "Invisible" Hunter - It delivers out-reach services to non-engaged youth, who lack motivation and direction, especially to those who are addicted to video or electronic games.
  • Parent Alliance - The program enhances mutual support among parents facing similar challenges.
  • "Neteen" - It networks with schools, educational organisations and boys' and girls' homes to effectively identify youngsters who may consider leaving school or facing the crossroad of such decision.
  • Path Creation Project - It provides various activities and training courses to equip clients with skills in targeting areas of development.
  • Back to School - The program assists those who had quit school to gain a second chance of receiving their formal education.
  • Fans Club - To develop positive peer support network through activities including adventure, music, sports, arts and volunteering activities.
  • Go to Work - Initiates on-job training schemes, equips youngsters with essential skills required by the marketplace.
  • Youth Motivating Fund - Provides incentives and financial assistance to enhance goal-achieving motivations.

Under a declined economy in Hong Kong, the young people leaving school unqualified and remaining unemployed have come into a very tight bind of personal development with many restrictions. The programs initiated under LET'S Walk are positive solutions to the disadvantaged situation for these youngsters. It provides opportunities and exposures for them to reenter our society equipped with confidence and skills.

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