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2007-07-19 10:12
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Project iHeart

The Project is funded by the Youth Sustainable Development and Engagement Fund and Fast Base Enterprises Ltd.

Project Introduction

Hong Kong Christian Service has always been concerned with the needs of youth, who find themselves in adverse environment. The Project iHeart is especially designed to cater for the needs of those youth, who are under the influence of the triads culture. It is our hope that through love and concern, they would give up the idea of joining the triads, and igniting their determination to blend in with the society. Besides offering counseling from our professional social workers, Project iHeart also embraces three new elements, namely: new experience, new identity recognition, and new relationships and support. Some of the activities to be carried out are: The Torch Team、The Challengers、Volunteers without Boundary、The Youth Sharing Troop、Career-guidance Peer Counselors、The Energy Team、Friendship Party、The Caring Parents’ Troop and The iHeart Award.

We believe that love could enrich peoples’ lives. We do not give up any chance to help youth, who are under the influence of the triads culture. We aim to provide them with the most suitable service, support and a network for further development, in order to fuel up their determination to move forward.

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of Project iHeart is to help those youth, who are non-engaged and under the influence of the triads culture, minimizing and staying away from participating and associating triads society, through assisting them to take off the negative labeling of being unemployed and school dropouts, to establish new identity recognition, to go through new experience, to re-build values, to develop new relationships and support network. Our Project also provides suitable training and opportunities to activate participants to re-enter the social developing ladder through schooling, career training or employment.


Those non-engaged youth aged between 15 to 24 and lived in Yuen Long, who are under the influence of the triad society and have delinquent behaviours, and their families.

No of Participants

55 youth and their family members.

Project Duration

From 19th June, 2006 to 18th June, 2007

Activites’ Introduction

New Experience: The Torch Team

Participants will receive a 2- to 4-week training aiming to improve their self-awareness, inter-personal communication skills, work attitude, job hunting and interview skills, and to re-build their values and daily living style. Afterwards, 2 to 3 different work placements (each lasts for 3 to 5 days) will be arranged for them according to their desired career preferences, so that they could get an on-hand experience on the job itself and its environment of their desired career. They could then think and choose which career path to go on. After completing the work placements, they have the option to go on a one-month job try-out with the job they find most suitable. If the try-out turns out to be successful, it would enable them to enter the working world for further self-development.

New Experience: The Challengers

Participants will undertake 2 sessions of pre-activity training, which includes interpersonal communication training, and skills for joining adventure games, etc. They will then take part in different adventure activities, such as, outward- bound training, rock climbing, night strolling, etc, which aim to enhance their senses of achievement and self-disciplines. Participants will reflect on their experience and on the direction of their lives at the end of the session.

New Identity Recognition: Volunteers without Boundaries

Participants will receive 6 sessions of training on inter-personal communication, skills and knowledge on doing voluntarily work, such as building renovation, tools mending, etc. They will then take part in a 7-to 10-day trip to mainland China to help with different voluntary work, such as, building an orphanage home in rural deprived area, taking part in culture exchange activities, and other activities on the history and culture of China, etc. In the form of brochure and reports, participants are required to consolidate their experience and to send out a positive message to the public.

New Identity recognition: The Sharing Troop

Participants will team up with social workers to prepare sharing materials and content. They will then share their experience with people (such as, teachers, social workers, etc.) or with organizations, units, or educational institutes, which deals with youth problems. An evaluation will be carried out in the end to consolidate their experience.

New Identity Recognition: Career-guidance Peer Counselors

Participants will receive an occupational preference and aptitude assessment from an occupational therapist. Then, they will take part in 6 sessions of training to become a peer counselor, and undergo 4 real-time placements, as an assistant to a professional occupational therapist, to provide occupational aptitude assessment service to people in need. Participants are required to consolidate and to share their experience with others.

New Identity Recognition: The Energy Troop

Participants will undergo 12 sessions of training on inter-personal skills and potential exploration. They are then required to serve or to perform 4 times as volunteers to promote the potential and values of youth.

Relationships and Support Network: Friendship Party

Each participant will be arranged to meet up with a guest-partner (a volunteer) at the Friendship party. This guest-partner will join with the participant to take part in the various activities of the Project iHeart, chosen by the participant. The guest-partner will also maintain regular contact and positive relationship with the participant.

Relationship and Support Network: The Caring Parents’ Troop

Workshops, group and individual counseling services will be provided to the parents of the participants. Gift-exchange activitives between participants and their parents to show their mutual concerns will also be held.

Relationships and Support Network: The iHeart Award

Awards and recognitions will be given to participants according to their involvement during activities and their performance to meet targets. Participants with financial needs will be given an allowance to ease off the burden.

Activity Fee

All activities are free of charge, except for the activity “Volunteer without Boundaries”, which requires a small fee.


Interested party can ask for an application form from the social worker on duty.
targets. Participants with financial needs will be given an allowance to ease off the burden.

Enquiry and Contact Us

Telephone : 2944 6955 or 2474 6592
Fax : 2475 5963
E-mail : iheart@hkcs.org
Address: Unit 1-4, G/F., Ngan Ping House, Long Ping Estate, Yuen Long, HKSAR.

Office Hour

Every Monday to Friday 10:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00 except public holidays)

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