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To improve the Chinese proficiency of non-Chinese speaking students, Hong Kong Christian Service has launched the Happy Chinese Learning Project in September 2013. The second year of the Project will be commenced in September 2014.

Chinese Classes

In the second year of this Project, 4 levels of Chinese classes with each contains 30 sessions will be provided for non-Chinese speaking students. These Chinese classes and the curriculum are specially designed by our professional team including speech therapists, special child care workers, social workers and pre-school teachers. The team has also piloted another pioneer project in teaching Chinese to non-Chinese speaking pre-school students last two years and was proven to be effective in boosting up students’ Chinese proficiency.


The Chinese classes are all free of charge with scholarship and transportation subsidies. In addition to organizing regular educational talks for parents, continuous individual assessments will also be carried out to monitor children's progress.


We extend an invitation to non-Chinese speaking students from aged 3-8 to join the Happy Chinese Learning Project. Please find the application form and poster in the website.

Funded by

With the support from the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research, the Project is funded by the Language Fund.

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