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Sponsored by The Community Chest of Hong Kong (End at March 31, 2009)

Project on Elder Abuse Reconciliation Service (Project EARS) highlights the unique features of our work --- reconciliation which emphasizes 'listening' to other people's stories with a view to rebuilding relationship and resolving disputes.


Hong Kong Christian Service (HKCS) has been the major partner of the government in combating elder abuse. Our Project on Elder Abuse Research and Protocol (EARP 2002-2004) has helped the Social Welfare Department build up the infrastructure of social intervention in elder abuse.


With the support of the Community Chest, a 3-year pilot project on Elder Abuse Reconciliation Service (Project EARS) was launched in October 2005.


The Project aims at providing direct reconciliation service to handle dispute/conflicts in suspected/established elder abuse cases and establish a practice model on reconciliation service to handle disputes in prevention and intervention of elder abuse in Hong Kong.

  • Elders suspected of being abused or abused;
  • Those living in the community;
  • Professionals dealing with the abused elders.
Opening Hours

8:45a.m. – 5:30p.m. (Monday to Friday)
Closed on Public Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Service Boundary

Hong Kong SAR of China.

Services Provision

Reconciliation: Social worker will assess the appropriateness of the cases to receive reconciliation service in the first place and if the elders is willing to enter the process of mediation with the disputants, the social worker will arrange the reconciliation service for the concerned parties.

Community Education and Empowerment: The Project will organize different kinds of community education, programs such as seminars, trainings to those interested in elder abuse and mediation with a bid to promote early identification of problems and intervention.


Webpage: The Project will set up a Chinese website on knowledge and information in relation to elder abuse for the public.

Mentoring Programme: The Project will organize trainings to social workers and other related professionals working on elder abuse whilst refining and developing the professional skills required for tackling the problem.

Practice Research: The Project will conduct a practice research to study the effectiveness of the reconciliation model for intervention in cases of suspected/abused elders, and to find areas for improvement.

Implementation Schedule
Stages Tasks
Preparatory Stage
(Oct 2005-Feb 2006)
  • Formation of Project team and provision of training to staff members
  • Publicity on Project
  • Basic design on webpage layout
  • Production of first version of practice guideline on reconciliation service
Direct Service
(Feb 2006 – Sept 2008)
  • Reconciliation Service
  • Practice Research
  • Launching of website (July 2006)
  • Production of final version of practice guideline on reconciliation centre
  • Open Training (2007)
  • Ongoing evaluation

Free of charge (some activities will be charged individually depending on the service provided).

Application to Service

Intended service users can contact our social worker through telephone contacts. We also accept referrals from social service agencies.

Withdrawal from Service

Service users can inform the Project in writing or in person by filling in the ‘Withdrawal from Service’ form.


Address : Room 105-106, Block 3, Pak Tin Estate, Shamshuipo, Kowloon, HKSAR, China.

Telephone: +852 3586 9337

Fax : +852 2778 1129

Email :

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