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2006-09-05 12:32
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Project Connection - Outside School Support Services for Non-Chinese Speaking Students
  Services for Ethnic Minorities

photoIn the school year of 2004, ethnic minority students have been allocated to mainstream (Chinese medium) schools for the first time. They may experience difficulties in adapting to the Chinese learning environment and relating with their peers because of language barriers. Meanwhile, some of their parents do not know either Chinese or English, they feel frustrated in guiding their children’s school work and also communicating with the schools. Dedicating to the welfare of non-Chinese community in Hong Kong, we try our best to provide any supportive services for ethnic minority students in starting from October 2004, Project Connection has been launched. The Project is sponsored by Home Affairs Bureau, aims at supporting ethnic minority students and their families. The main objectives of the Project include::

  1. To help ethnic minority children and their parents to adapt to school life in Hong Kong.photo
  2. To build up a supportive network for parents fo the above students so as to enable them to cope with their children's learning and adaptation needs.
  3. To provide liaison services between schools and parents, including interpretation support to facilitate their effective communication with each other.
  4. To provide supportive services to teachers of the above students so as to enhance their understanding on the ethnic minority students' cultural background and facilitate the cultivation of a culturally inclusive school environment.

Project Connection offers comprehensive and diversified services to ethnic minority students and their families. All services are free of charge and cash allowance (i.e. traveling subsidies) will be provided to the participants. The service contents are:

  1. After-school tutorial classes
    2 weekly sessions will be provided in 7 locations, Kwun Tong, Tsimshatsui, Shamshuipo, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, North Point and Wan Chai. The class instructor will facilitate the students in learning Chinese and also other subjects. photo
  2. Developmental groups and outdoor activities
    Different kinds of programs will be provided for students so as to enable them to cope with their learning and adaptation needs.
  3. Parent sharing sessions
    Monthly gatherings will be held for parents in order to facilitate self-help and develop mutual support network among non-Chinese community.
  4. Hotline services for both students and parents
    Telephone enquiry and consultation services will be launched to welcome all students and parents to phone in for suitable services as well as advice.
  5. Teachers training
    Workshops for understanding the cultural characteristics of ethnic minority students will be organized.

For any students and parents who have interest to join this Project, they can apply in person, by phone, by fax or by email. We also welcome school teachers to refer students to the Project. We are obliged to serve non-Chinese community and make our society more harmonious. You can contact us by following ways:

Address: 2/F., Lee Hong House, Shun Lee Estate,
Kwun Tong, Kowloon, HKSAR, China.
Telephone: 2342-6156
Fax: 2790-8955
Email : ktis@hkcs.org

Other Services for South Asians:

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