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2006-09-21 10:27
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Organized by:
香港基督教服務處Hong Kong Christian Service 香港建築師學會 The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

Sponsored by:

實惠傢居廣場Pricerite Stores  三思數碼 3C Digital

Funded by:
i手扶弱基金Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged

In Hong Kong, families with low income are usually living in poor physical and environmental conditions. Some of them are living in small cubicles with ventilation and lighting problems. Others are unable to carry out proper maintenance for their flats. Because of the lack of money, they keep on using second hand or worn out furniture, which are dangerous or have adverse effects on the development and health of the family members.

In order to help these poor families, Hong Kong Christian Service has initiated a joint hand venture by collaborating with professional architects and the commercial sector. A special project, Building.Power, has been launched in September 2005. With the primary aim to improve the living environment of the poor families, Building.Power is co-organized by Hong Kong Christian Service and the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, sponsored by Pricerite Stores and 3C Digital with both cash and in-kind donation while simultaneously funded by a matching grant from the Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged which has been newly set up by the Government. In the project, Pricerite Stores and 3C Digital will donate brand new furniture and household products to at least 50 needy families. Cash allowance will be provided for these families to carry out home improvement renovation while in the process, architects and designers will provide professional consultation on voluntary basis. The renovation works also help to create jobs for unemployed or low-income workers.

We hope that Building.Power will spark the upward striving force of the benefited families and arouse the public’s awareness in joining effort for helping the deprived members of our society.

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact our Project in charge Ms Tse Ho Yi on 2729-8216 or email tobuildpower@hkcs.org.

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