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2007-07-19 10:16
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Adult Re-link Service

This project is mainly sponsored by Apple Daily Charitable Foundation
Part of the operation cost is sponsored by The LUA Foundation


  1. To deliver home-based counselling services and practical skills training to ‘social withdrawal’ adult;
  2. To motivate change and link up them to existing social services and rebuild their social network;
  3. To reconnect them with the society

Service Recipients:

All non-engaged adult aged 25-45 whom facing social exclusion and stay at home for over 6 months.

Service Scope:

  1. Referral Hotline;
  2. home-based assessment service.
  3. home-based counseling and practical skill training service (Life skills, emotional control, interpersonal social skills). Our clinical psychologist will provide supportive service when needed.
  4. Re-link service recipients with different social systems, e.g. community, peers, vocation, etc.
  5. cash allowance for joining training courses and activities;
  6. make referral to other existing social service when needed.
  7. Establish mutual support group to facilitate positive social interactions and enhance sense of security.

Service Fee

Free of charge

Enquiry and Services Hotline:

Tel: 6737-6336
Email: ar@hkcs.org

Operating Hours

Tuesday to Friday 10:00-13:00、1400-2100
Saturday 10:00-13:00、1400-1800
(Except Sunday and Public Holidays)

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